Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SUP, Dudes?

Possibly dating as far back as ancient Polynesia, Stand Up Paddle Surfing or SUP, was documented in the 1940's and became popular in the 1960's when the Beach Boys stood on their longboards and used outrigger paddles to paddle out and take photos of tourists learning to surf. Several years ago, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Brian Keaulana, Archie Kalepa and other surfers from Hawaii began to use SUP to train when the surf was down. SUP can be done on any large body of water, with small or large waves. That means that there are some great Paddle Surfing opportunities right here on Long Island!

Serious SUPs like Paddle Surfing because they catch waves earlier, get to waves easier and find surf that is rarely ridden. Paddle Surfing on large waves can also make for longer rides because you can stroke through certain sections of the wave. While on the wave, the paddle can also be used to help engineer cool turns. 

In areas where there are few or no waves, the sport is a little like kayaking, but it also provides a serious full-body workout where balance is key. In fact, Paddle Surfing is growing in popularity among celebrities because it is a great way to cross-train and improve core strength.

A board and paddle can run around $1,000 to $1,500. The Board Shop in Huntington recently had a SUP day in Cold Spring Harbor so beginners could test their Paddle Surfing skills. To learn more about boards available in the area call The Board Shop at 631-424-7873. 

See you on the water!


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