Monday, May 5, 2008

Copenhagen Bakery

Feeling like a little Danish? We've got just the thing. Located in Northport, Long Island, Copenhagen Bakery is the real deal. How do we know? We put it to the test and the Danes approved. Everything we've tried, from the breads to the cakes, tastes good, but if you want a Danish delight, there are a couple of options.  

Great for breakfast or an early afternoon snack, Thebirkes is a poppy seed-covered, flaky, buttery pastry with marzipan inside. If poppy seeds aren't your thing, try the pretzel-shaped Kringle. Despite the name, these delicious pastry don't taste like pretzels. The term, Kringle, refers more to the pretzel-like shape. Just be sure to watch out, the Kringles at Copenhagen are so light and flaky that you may want to eat ten of them.

If you really want to satisfy your sweet tooth, taste the beautifully decorated and delectable Danish Petit Fours. Like the Kringles, it's hard to eat just one. If you agree, you can share the love at your next party by placing advance orders. Dainty, elegant and delicious, the Copenhagen Petit Fours make especially great desserts for bridal or baby showers!

75 Woodbine Avenue
Northport, NY 11768


cosi said...

This place is right across the street from the waterfront park in Northport. A good place to grab a coffee and sweet and sit out on the grass.

Ciambellina said...

Remember when we went here? I loved it. It's your classic bakery. And as Cosi says, you take your nosh and walk it across the street for a fantastic view. I feel like it's a part of Long Island many don't know exist -- shore towns.

Northport rocks! In fact, I think last time we went, I took a photo of the theater. How about a post on the movie theater, LongIslandette?!

Hey, has your brother posted yet? What, he doesn't read blogs or something?! He he he. Just kidding!!!