Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holistic Pet Care

Our job is to tell you about the best on Long Island and this one definitely should be on the list of anyone with a pet. Whether you're a Long Island local or vacationing on the East End for the summer, next time your dog or cat needs help, head straight to Hampton Veterinary Hospital. Located in Speonk, Long Island, Hampton Veterinary Hospital is unique because it combines holistic care with conventional veterinary medicine. 

Although treating animals with cancer and severe illness is, unfortunately, too common at this vet, it is encouraged by the team to bring your dog or cat here before he or she becomes ill. If needed, the combination therapies with herbs and/or acupuncture will help prevent specific problems from worsening and help you maintain your pet's health, perhaps adding several years to the animal's life.

Dr. Wen, the doctor at Hampton Veterinary Hospital, is well-known for the care he has provided to so many animals. There are countless reviews about how he has increased the quality or extended the life of an animal, even when other veterinary advice was contrary. Whether your animal is in need of a regular check-up, is struggling with joint diseases, eye problems, cancer, or suddenly becomes ill, Hampton Veterinary Hospital will assess the situation with an open mind and suggest a treatment plan.

Dr. Wen earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Beijing Agricultural University, where he majored in acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  He later received a Masters degree in Veterinary Acupuncture. After teaching acupuncture in China, he came to the United States to work and eventually began to specialize in emergency animal care. He became a partner at Hampton Veterinary Hospital in 1996. Thanks Dr. Wen!

176 Montauk Highway
Speonk, NY 11972

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k9club said...

Just last year at this time, my beloved "Lily" was going downhill and I couldnt figure out what was wrong.... She didnt want to eat, didnt want to play, couldnt jump up or down off our bed.. She was 11yrs old and had a few lumps so naturally I feared the worst. Suddenly she seemed much older than she was .. almost overnight

One night she seemed to collapse right in front of me after trying to jump up on the couch, I thought she was having a seizure.! I flew to the emergency clinic ! $4,000 later,for MRIs, CT scans, spinal taps expecting it was a brain tumor, they found NOTHING.I was quite relieved to say the least, but my Lily was NOT any better! Understand also that little girl is the light of my life.. I had to save her. Our own vet then took a look and was ready to biopsy more tissue where lumps had appeared over the weeks..but I was running out of money ! Before doing that my dear friend insisted that I RUN, not WALK , to Dr. Wen. He spent only a few minutes listening to my panicked voice and read all the test results. He then gently laid his magical hands on my shaking little dog and moved a couple of his fingers down her spine. He said "here is her problem". I was shocked ! He Xrayed her spine and found a tiny bone infection at the base of her tail.. He said "I wouldnt have accepted that you saw a seizure, without doing my own work",what she had had was a collapse from pain in her back from muscle spasms and muscle tissue that had tightended up becoming what appeared to be LUMPS in her chest! He placed her on antibiotics and herbs.. she was better within HOURS! He had us return for followup visits .. and it only cost about $200.! Dr. Wen saved my dear sweet girl, the best friend I have ever had in my life!

Since that experience last year I was inspired to create a website for Long Island dog people called
Now, with one click of your mouse you can find canine resources,education and a calendar of canine events. I even have an "ask the vet" section,to help people get quick answers to veterinary questions. check it out!

"Thank you Dr.Wen" are very small words to express just how I feel about him and his staff. I know that there are hundreds of people who feel the same way!