Friday, May 30, 2008

Rise Above It

This place gives new meaning to the term "upper crust!" We love the whole wheat bread (you can see the grains)! Oh, and the chocolate-chip scones are DELISH! Really, though, there's no going wrong no matter what you order at A-Rise-Above Bake Shop in Huntington. You'll enjoy every bit of the freshly baked cakes, cookies and muffins. Of course, you can also get a great coffee to go with your treats. Don't take our word for it, taste for yourselves. 
333 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun for the Whole Family

For a full day of fun for the whole family, head to Main Street in Riverhead. Make Atlantis Marine World your first stop. There's a reason that Parents Magazine ranks this place among the top-ten best aquariums for kids! Your child (and you) will pet stingrays, observe sharks, watch seahorses, view the Western hemisphere's largest all-living closed-system coral reef display and enjoy daily special events such as sea lion shows and penguin feeds. From shark dives to aquatic adventure cruises on the Peconic, there's an activity for every child (big and small) at Atlantis.

When you're done seeing all there is to see at the aquarium, head over to East End Arts Council. For anyone interested in the arts on Long Island, this is definitely one of Riverhead's hidden treasures. Founded in 1972, the East End Arts Council is home to a wonderful art gallery and gift shop, and operates the area's only Community School of the Arts. The Council also runs a summer art camp for children ages five through twelve. With shows that rotate every four to six weeks, there is a reason to come back often to view the exhibitions displaying works by well-known and emerging artists. 

After you've completed your tour of the art gallery, head a little further down Main Street to the Eastenders Coffee House. It's worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood for the day. Check out the fun an funky atmosphere and grab a coffee and a snack for the ride home. If you live in the area, Eastenders also has live performances. Shows happen on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as on Friday and Saturday nights from 8-11pm.

431 East Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901

133 East Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901

40 East Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Row Your Boat

If you like to kayak, there are many great kayaking spots on Long Island. Depending upon the route (and your mood), the trip can be a couple of hours or an entire day. Today we're going to tell you about an approximately two-hour scenic trip. Keep in mind it could be longer if the current is strong or you can't resist stopping at a secluded beach area to enjoy the wildlife, lay out in the sun or swim.

Begin at Gold Star Battalion Beach in Huntington. If you haven't got a green pass or town sticker, you'll need to pay. We think the fee is between $5.00 and $10.00, but contact the beach at 631-261-7574. Goldstar is a great starting point because there is plenty of room to unload the kayak and park the car in the fairly large lot. 

Once in the water, paddle north, toward the channel. Take a quick break at the mouth of the channel to check out the ruins of the old lighthouse (you'll also see the newer lighthouse across the harbor). Staying on the west side of the shore, continue north and pass the interesting homes along the way. Also be sure to look for the osprey nest at the top of the channel marker. If you're there on the right day, you also may see a World War II plane flying overhead.  In the water, check out the horseshoe crabs, waterfowl and jellyfish. The scenery is beautiful and can be distracting so also be mindful of the rocks on this side of the channel. They're fairly obvious, especially when the tide is low, but it's important to be aware of them, particularly if the current is strong.

Head past the rocks to approach the more open water of the Long Island Sound. While staying along the west side of the shore, continue north and eventually come to Target Rock's half-mile rocky beach. Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge is an 80-acre park containing several ponds and an oak-hickory forest. A variety of songbirds, ducks, fish, reptiles and mammals call this area home. The piping plover forages here and an occasional harbor seal may be seen at the right time of year (between January and the end of April).

When you're ready to head back to Goldstar Battalion Beach, you may decide to paddle around the renovated Huntington Lighthouse before heading into the channel. If you're too tired, you can always come back again. Boat tours of the lighthouse are provided by the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society, the non-profit group that restored the lighthouse. 


Friday, May 23, 2008

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend

longislandette will be taking a short break for the Memorial Day Weekend - enjoy! We'll see you Tuesday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prime Time

If you like water views, sunsets and summer breezes with your cocktails, head to Prime Restaurant in Huntington. Scoring big points for ambiance, this is the perfect place to stop in the evening for a drink on the patio, at the bar or in the lodge. To top off your cocktail hour, order the chocolate beignets. If they're not on the menu when you're there, ask for them.

Serving brunch on Sundays and lunch and dinner from Tuesday through Sunday, Prime has several menus. If you're going to eat here, we recommend the Sunday brunch. The eggs are light and fluffy, the french toast is tasty and the seared tuna over soba noodles is a good choice for lunch.

If you're taking your boat to Prime, you're in luck. Starting Memorial Day Weekend, you can moor your boat at Prime's 300-foot dock on the harbor. For those of you coming by car, valet parking is available, but you can also park in the public parking lot next door.

117 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SUP, Dudes?

Possibly dating as far back as ancient Polynesia, Stand Up Paddle Surfing or SUP, was documented in the 1940's and became popular in the 1960's when the Beach Boys stood on their longboards and used outrigger paddles to paddle out and take photos of tourists learning to surf. Several years ago, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Brian Keaulana, Archie Kalepa and other surfers from Hawaii began to use SUP to train when the surf was down. SUP can be done on any large body of water, with small or large waves. That means that there are some great Paddle Surfing opportunities right here on Long Island!

Serious SUPs like Paddle Surfing because they catch waves earlier, get to waves easier and find surf that is rarely ridden. Paddle Surfing on large waves can also make for longer rides because you can stroke through certain sections of the wave. While on the wave, the paddle can also be used to help engineer cool turns. 

In areas where there are few or no waves, the sport is a little like kayaking, but it also provides a serious full-body workout where balance is key. In fact, Paddle Surfing is growing in popularity among celebrities because it is a great way to cross-train and improve core strength.

A board and paddle can run around $1,000 to $1,500. The Board Shop in Huntington recently had a SUP day in Cold Spring Harbor so beginners could test their Paddle Surfing skills. To learn more about boards available in the area call The Board Shop at 631-424-7873. 

See you on the water!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Milling Around in Stony Brook

Located in beautiful Stony Brook, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Grist Mill is the perfect place to spend the day with family or friends. Having functioned as a community center in the 19th century, and used into the 1940's by farmers, the mill was a place where people would meet and share news while they waited for the miller to grind their grain. In 1947, Ward Melville owned the mill and later deeded it to the Ward Melville Heritage Organization, which oversees the area today. The mill is open to the public from April through December and tours are conducted on the weekends. 

Directly across the street from the mill is the pond. Many ducks and swans nest in Mill Pond and children love to watch them swim. At the right time of year, ducks can also be seen with their newborns. 

The path around the eleven-mile pond provides several peaceful resting spots and is a great place to take a leisurely walk to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

When you're done with your walk and you've worked up an appetite, you can choose to eat at one of the area's many restaurants or head down the road to the historic Three Village Inn. This historic inn has twenty-six rooms and serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Contact the hotel to make reservation at 631-751-0555.

With wonderful views of the water, the Three Village Inn is also a nice place to plan a romantic weekend getaway. You may decide to walk around the town, fly fish on your own, or take a boat ride around the 88 acre wetland area while listening to a naturalist from Stony Brook University discuss the wildlife you'll see. No matter what you decide to do, Grist Mill and the surrounding area is a great place to be.

100 Harbor Road
Stony Brook, NY 11790

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keep an Eye on the Tiger in Port Jefferson

It's time for another weekend break from the big NYC and we all know you need it bad this week! Work was so stressful you don't even feel like going to the Hamptons. Guess what - you don't have to! How about trying something a little bit different for a change? Here's an idea - Port Jefferson. 

Located on Long Island's North Shore and named after Thomas Jefferson, this village was once a small ship building community and whaling port. Easy to get to by train (the LIRR stops at Port Jefferson Station and you can catch a taxi to town) or car (if you're finally taking that scenic ride along 25A East), Port Jefferson today is a unique place with interesting shops, a variety of restaurants and a lively harbor. 

Have a drink on the outdoor dock at Danford's Hotel and Marina, enjoy the waterfront and watch the ferry to Bridgeport, Connecticut come and go. If you don't feel like heading home the same day, plan ahead to stay at Danford's for the night. Be sure to reserve in advance - it's a popular place for events such as weddings.

Given it's proximity to the water, Port Jefferson has many seafood restaurants with outdoor seating, but there are also a variety of other menus including the one at Tiger Lily, which happens to have some great vegetarian food. Vegetarians (including vegans) - trust us - this is definitely a happy place for you! 

Don't let the fun and funky atmosphere at Tiger Lily fool you (although we definitely like it that way), the food here is seriously good. The Falafel with the Works is a definite fave, and a deal at $7.95. Also try one of the many salads, soups, juices and smoothies. Relax non-vegetarians, there's plenty of food for you here too!

Oh, and don't forget to keep your eye on Tiger Lily for the opening of their outdoor lounge/coffee house every Friday and Saturday night between 7 and 10pm.

156 East Main Street
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Check out the Chocolate

There's a reason that Bon Bons Chocolatier is overflowing with customers on many weekends and most holidays. The handmade chocolates at Bon Bons are a delight to the eyes and the taste buds. 

In 1979, Bon Bons opened as one of Trahan's Chocolate Shop's East Coast franchise stores. After several years, the store became independent of the franchise and was renamed Bon Bons Chocolatier. Chocolate production was, and still is, done on the premises. 

In 1984, the original owners sold the store (first located at 338 New York Avenue) to Mary Alice Meinersman and her husband. The shop, now at 319 Main Street, is home to a beautiful glass-enclosed kitchen, with a molding and wrapping room, and hand-dipping station, that allows customers to see where and how the chocolate is made.  

For approximately $10.00 you can purchase a small box (about eight or nine candies) and endulge. The coconut and cocoa dusted truffles are delectable, and the chocolate covered nuts are also delicious - HINT. 

During the Easter season, you can also order beautiful chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs filled with truffles, chocolate covered nuts and other candies. 

When available, the fresh, chocolate dipped fruit (strawberries, orange slices, etc.)  is also delicious. It's a great treat to bring to any party. If you're interested in buying some, contact the store to find out when it will be sold, then get there early - this stuff goes fast! 

319 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Farm Fresh

Next time you're headed home from wine country, take a break to stop at Garden of Eve Organic Farm to grab some farm fresh veggies and delicious eggs from free range chickens. With over seventy varieties of vegetables, twenty varieties of herbs and thirty varieties of flowers, you'll find something to take home with you from this certified organic farm. 

Oh, and don't worry if the kids are acting up because you're making another stop. Once they see the chickens, turkeys and goats at Garden of Eve they'll be just fine!

4558 Soundview Avenue
Riverhead, NY

Holistic Pet Care

Our job is to tell you about the best on Long Island and this one definitely should be on the list of anyone with a pet. Whether you're a Long Island local or vacationing on the East End for the summer, next time your dog or cat needs help, head straight to Hampton Veterinary Hospital. Located in Speonk, Long Island, Hampton Veterinary Hospital is unique because it combines holistic care with conventional veterinary medicine. 

Although treating animals with cancer and severe illness is, unfortunately, too common at this vet, it is encouraged by the team to bring your dog or cat here before he or she becomes ill. If needed, the combination therapies with herbs and/or acupuncture will help prevent specific problems from worsening and help you maintain your pet's health, perhaps adding several years to the animal's life.

Dr. Wen, the doctor at Hampton Veterinary Hospital, is well-known for the care he has provided to so many animals. There are countless reviews about how he has increased the quality or extended the life of an animal, even when other veterinary advice was contrary. Whether your animal is in need of a regular check-up, is struggling with joint diseases, eye problems, cancer, or suddenly becomes ill, Hampton Veterinary Hospital will assess the situation with an open mind and suggest a treatment plan.

Dr. Wen earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Beijing Agricultural University, where he majored in acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  He later received a Masters degree in Veterinary Acupuncture. After teaching acupuncture in China, he came to the United States to work and eventually began to specialize in emergency animal care. He became a partner at Hampton Veterinary Hospital in 1996. Thanks Dr. Wen!

176 Montauk Highway
Speonk, NY 11972

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big Chip Winner



The chips are always in your favor at Chip'n Dipped Cookie Company in Huntington, Long Island. The cookies from this chip leader are naturally delicious - for real! Made from stone-ground wheat flour and unprocessed cocoa, these all natural (and Kosher) treats are addictive.

When you bite into one of the chocolate-dipped delights from Chip'n Dipped you get the best of both worlds - chocolate and cookie! What's better than that? Choose from chocolate chip, walnut white chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin chocolate chip and cranberry pecan crunch. Also order special cookies for a special occasion. Each cookie is $1.75 or you can buy a baker's dozen for $21.95.

Chip'n dipped also sells delicious chocolate truffles, peanut butter cups and brownies. 

Be sure to get some coffee to go with your treats. There's a reason that Chip'n Dipped claims the best coffee in Huntington!

201 East Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743
1-888-545-CHIP (2447)

Monday, May 12, 2008


With past performances from musicians such as Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco, Wilco, David Sanborn, The Manhattan Transfer and so many more to upcoming shows from Suzanne Vega, Maxi PriestAngelique Kidjo, Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons, it's no wonder that the Inter-Media Arts Center (IMAC), attracts audiences from all over. Located in Huntington, IMAC is arguably Long Island's most diverse and interesting performance venue. 
From the time it opened, in 1974, IMAC has been a cutting edge organization. This theater made history as the first non-profit media arts center on Long Island. Originally focused on making video production services available to artists and producers, IMAC functioned out of a large house on six acres of land in Huntington. It is responsible for helping to facilitate and support the media arts movement of the mid-seventies and IMAC was one of the 13 original Media Art Centers in New York State to assist with expanding the video movement. 

In 1976, IMAC moved from Huntington to Bayville, where a sophisticated video production studio was developed. It contained editing facilities, an art gallery and a small multi-purpose theater for film, dance and music. IMAC also provided a full line of television production services with multiple camera studio production, video editing  and animation workshops. More importantly, for the large audiences they would soon attract, IMAC started their live performance program!

Eventually, by 1983, IMAC moved back to Huntington into what had originally been a 1920's Vaudville theater. In the winter of 1983, with little time to waste, the organization met their self-imposed six-week goal to get the theater up and running again. Their determination resulted in the opening of a five part, critically acclaimed dance series. The rest is history. 

370 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Pie in the Sky

If you've been searching for that pie in the sky, look no further.  One bite of the heavenly pie from Briermere Farms and you'll be crying for more. 

If you don't believe us, just ask anyone who waits on the long line at the door why they're there - they'll tell you it's the best pie they've ever had. 

From Apple Crisp to Rhubarb to Blueberry Cream to Lemon Meringue, these farm fresh pies taste like they're from another planet - Planet Delicious! We're practically on our hands and knees here people - TRY THE PIE!

4414 Sound Avenue
Riverhead, NY

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jedediah Hawkins Inn

Located in Jamesport, Long Island, the Jedediah Hawkins Inn is not to be missed. Built in 1863, the house was originally done in the Italinate style and was likely one of the most elaborate homes on the East End. It became vacant in the later part of the twentieth-century and remained empty until the 1980's. Set to be demolished in 2004, the house survived because of a partnership that developed to preserve and restore it. As a result, the structure was transformed into the wonderful Victorian inn it is today.

The Inn is grand, yet extremely inviting. Visitors are immediately transformed by the peace and serenity of the grounds, the lovely staff and the welcoming, cozy interior. After seeing the inside, it's easy to understand why this was the 2005 North Fork Designer Showhouse.

Upon entering the front door, guests are tempted to sit in the comfortable and bright entry room, where they might order a cup of tea or coffee and relax or read. For more than a snack, the Inn serves meals in a larger dining area. 

As Jamesport also happens to be home to many wonderful wineries, the Inn has a 2500-bottle wine cellar, which contains a sample from every wine producer on Long Island, including Jedediah's own label. Also known as "The Captain's Cellar," we think this room is one of the best in the house. If the hearth-like fireplace, soft, comfortable sofas, stone walls and rustic decor aren't enough to make you stay here all day, we're sure a few glasses of nice wine will.
If you enjoy wine as much as we do, you also might want to participate in the Inn's series of Thursday Night Casual Wine Dinners, which began on May 8, 2008. 

If you will be in Jamesport for a few days, also plan to stay in one of Jedediah's luxurious, designer-decorated rooms. Each room is unique and practically perfect, with a view of the lawn, garden, farm or pond. The Belvedere Suite is our favorite, and a great choice if you're looking for a wedding suite or a room for any special occasion. Be sure to plan ahead though - there are only six rooms! There is a two-night minimum stay on weekends and a three-night minimum stay on holidays. This is a great place to be no matter what the season, and rates change depending on the time of year. From May through December of 2008, lodging can run anywhere between $400-$695 per night depending on the time of week and the type of room. For those of you who can't live without Internet access, the rooms also have wireless connections, but we hope you'll take some time off and enjoy being pampered!

400 South Jamesport Avenue
Jamesport, NY 11947