Monday, August 11, 2008

Victoria Bakery

It seems like Victoria Bakery, located in Huntington Station, is always crowded. The place is tiny, but there are tables outside that are full all of the time. After driving by the bakery numerous times, we decided to find out what all the fuss is about, and we're glad we did. 

We aren't sure if the food is El Salvadorian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban or a mix of all four. We just know it's good. At the risk of sounding like total idiots (we tried to ask questions about what we were eating, but couldn't really communicate too well in Spanish), we decided to tell you about this place anyway. We figure that food is a language everyone can understand (of course ordering might be another story, but as long as you can point or speak Spanish, you're fine). 

When we walked into Victoria, we expected the place to be full of cakes, pastries and cookies. Instead, we discovered a few specialty sweets and a whole case of steaming, hot shrimp, meat and vegetables. There was also a woman grilling fresh tortillas (not the egg tortillas or the Mexican tortillas, but the thicker, smaller floury kind). The food looked delicious and the place smelled great. At that moment, the main attraction became clear. However, since it wasn't quite lunch time, we opted for the sweet stuff. 

The guava cake, the pineapple pastry (which looks like an apple turnover) and the rice and coconut cake are all very good. The guava cake, filled with chunks of guava or guava jelly, is a moist, sweet and spongy, yellow cake. The pineapple turnover is light and flaky. The rice and coconut cake, which is sprinkled with sesame seeds, is the most dense of the items we ate and has the perfect sweetness. Of course, this is the first time we've tasted goodies like these, and they seemed yummy to us. We wondered, is there anywhere else to get them on Long Island? 

We're looking forward to going back to try the more savory dishes soon! If you get there before we do, we'd love to hear your thoughts. For now, all we can say is that we liked what we tasted and that's why we're telling you about it.

1735 New York Avenue
Huntington Station, NY 11746


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Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Ooh, definitely want to try this place.