Monday, August 18, 2008

Coffee Break


If you like little secrets then you might like Tillie's Eatery. Located in one of the alleys off of Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor, this hidden coffee shop is a good place for a break on a sunny day. Sit under one of the umbrellas outside and enjoy tea, coffee and a snack.

We've heard that Tillie's is owned by Trattoria Grasso's Restaurant (which is more prominently located along Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor). While this coffee shop does serve breakfast and lunch, seating is very limited. We've only had the coffee and tea (Green Mountain Coffee and assorted bagged teas from other vendors). For a more serious meal, we suggest going to nearby Huntington. But, if you're craving a cup-o-joe and you want some charm to go with it, Tillie's is worth the stop.

181 main Street
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724


Ciambellina said...

Whoa this is a new one to me. Very intriguing! I love anything that's on an alley. Here I thought I knew CSH.

Nice work, LongIslandette!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Hi LongIslandette, your mom told me about your blog (we're neighbors). I love little secret places. This one looks adorable. Do you have any restaurant suggestions near Smithtown? We're celebrating my mother in law's birthday soon.