Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pure Pizza

If you're a pizza purist then go to Little Vincent's in Huntington. The place is small and crowded, and the lights are annoyingly bright (you might need sunglasses), but you won't care once you eat the pizza. Thin and crisp, with the perfect amount of sauce, the cheese pizza at Little Vincent's is the best on Long Island. Anyone who says otherwise is LYING! Almost every time you go to Little Vincent's, you'll hear someone say out loud how much they love the place.

Ate already? That's okay because Little Vincent's is open until 2:00 am every day except Friday, when it closes at 4:00am! Stop here on your way home from work, after a long day in NYC or after a night out in Huntington. Whether you're eating the pie sober or sauced, this pizza wins the cheese pie prize.

329 New york Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743


Anonymous said...

I love pizza

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a liar then, because I've been in there many times and it's pretty bad. There are other places in Huntington that are much better, although none are great.

cosi said...

I like it too. No lies. Crispy crust is good. Not your classic napolitan margharita pie but good ny style slices.