Monday, July 7, 2008

Long Island Daycation

With high gas prices and limited time, daycations seem to be all the rage these days. If you're planning one, we've got a suggestion. Start your day in Centerport with lunch at the Mill Pond House, which is located just off of Route 25A. Call in advance to make a reservation to sit outside, overlooking the pond. All of the outdoor seating (and even the indoor window seating) is lovely, but there is a spot that we think is the best in the house. A small deck area, with about two tables, is located on the second floor. If you can get a seat there, you'll feel like you have the restaurant, and the view, all to yourself. Since the larger table seats at least four, and the smaller seats two, you'll most likely need to have the appropriate number of people in your party to reserve one, or both, spots. If not, you'll still have a great time eating on the patio downstairs or having a drink at the tiki bar.
For lunch we recommend ordering off the Lunch Menu (although you can also order from the Sushi or Raw Bar menu). When you order from the Lunch Menu, you'll get a complete meal for $18.95. The Crabcake Sandwich is good (we prefer it without the bread, which is a bit larger than the cake) and the Apple Crumb dessert with ice cream is a nice way to end the meal. 

Don't worry about being rushed. The staff gives you plenty of time to sit, eat a leisurely meal and enjoy the view. While the food isn't bad, it's the view you'll enjoy most. 

Speaking of views, the area is filled with interesting little beaches and sites. When you've relaxed enough at the Mill Pond, we suggest you explore by taking a ride to one of the local beaches in Asharoken. Take Asharoken Avenue until it turns into Eaton's Neck Road, then follow the signs near the end of the road for the beach. This is one of our favorite beaches because it is somewhat secluded and there is ample parking. For non-residents, the parking fee is $15.00. 
When you're ready to leave the beach, exit to your right, make another quick right into the cul-de-sac. Look for the interesting sculptures on the beach. 
When you've completed your tour (because unfortunately all good vacations must come to an end), follow the cul-de-sac out to Eaton's Neck Road and back to Asharoken Avenue. You will eventually find your way back to 25A where you can head east or west to get back home. 
437 East Main Street
Centerport, NY 11721


Ciambellina said...

Mill Pond looks nice! Great suggestion. Next time I am on the Island, I would like to go there! The photo of the water is very appealing. I love a seat with a view.

FYI -- my blog is alive again. Come visit!

Lobster said...

You can find out more interesting information on Asharoken by visiting the Official Village of Asharoken Website.