Friday, April 25, 2008

Seal Watching on Long Island

Did you know that you could see seals right here in New York's backyard?  You don't have to go to California! Seals migrate to Long Island from January through April each year.   If you are interested in seal watching, there are several options.

The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation operates seal cruises from January until the end of April. These weekend-only tours leave from Point Lookout and go through Hempstead Harbor. Additionally, the Foundation rehabilitates sick and injured seals (among other marine mammals) and releases them back into the wild.  Seal releases are open to the public.  Visit if you are interested in going on a cruise or wishing a rehabilitated seal well as he or she rejoins family.

Montauk Point State Park is another place where seals congregate. The park is beautiful and has many hiking/walking trails including the "Seal Haul" trail. Guided tours of this trail are available, but you can also walk the trail on your own.  Keep in mind that the seals don't know you're coming so they may not always be there. Visit to learn more.  

This winter and spring, seals have also been seen swimming and eating near Ponquogue Bridge. For those unfamiliar with this area, it is located at the opposite end of Dune Road from Westhampton Beach, where seals also may be seen from time to time.

Oh, and remember folks, we're talking about seals here on Long Island, not sea lions.


Ciambellina said...

Who knew you could go seal-watching on Long Island??!!

Thanks LongIslandette!

cosi said...

If you click on the picture of the seal, you can see the radio thingy glued to his back to track him. They sometimes post the location on their website.