Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buffalo Roam...on Long Island

Spring is really here and we've already taken several rides out to Long Island's North Fork looking for interesting places to see and things to do so that we can keep sharing this information with you! 

You'll never believe what we discovered on our last trip - buffalo! That's right folks. Buffalo roam on Long Island!

Don't let anyone tell you that the only way to see buffalo is to go to Yellowstone National Park (although we have to admit, Yellowstone is pretty cool and you should definitely go if you get the chance)! That said, seeing buffalo right here on Long Island is definitely a unique experience.

To locate the buffalo, head to Roanoke Avenue. As you're driving on Roanoke, you will come to a sign for a farm. Turn here. From the road, through the fence, you can watch the animals grazing. We were lucky enough to observe some babies last weekend - so cute!

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