Monday, June 30, 2008

Valencia Tavern

The only thing that might remind you of Spain at Valencia Tavern (and it's a stretch) is the large sculpture of a bull chained to the ground out front. Other than that, the outside of this bar is pretty unremarkable, and that's probably the way the patrons and owner would like to keep it. If you're looking for a trendy place to show you your face, go somewhere else. Valencia Tavern is the real deal. That's why we like it.  

You can only grasp the full charm of this truly local meeting place by going inside (don't be afraid). Black and white pictures of an old Huntington hang on the walls. Above the bar there are signs that say things like "shoes and shirts required, bras and panties optional" and "time flies when you're having rum."

To keep you busy while you drink, there's a pool and shuffle puck table (and you better know how to play). In a little room with a fireplace, there's also a dart board with numerous trophies (there are obviously some champion players at Valencia - who knew?), and a Galaga and Ms. PacMan video game (how 1980's).

The staff is funny and friendly and the customers range from bikers to middle-aged local residents to young patrons. With all the wanna-be trendy spots turning up in the area, it's nice to know that a place like Valencia Tavern exists. If you like hanging out with the locals and good friends, good drinks and a good time are your main priorities, then this is the place for you. 


236 Wall Street
Huntington, NY 11743


Ciambellina said...

You wrote about this place!!! So funny. Really it was time -- I bet the other Long Island blogs have passed it over.

I really think it's time I had a drink there!

Unknown said...

Miss it being in the family... ❤️
M Juliano